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Traveling Patients

Post-Op Visits

Generally, you can travel the same or next day for outpatient procedures, or shortly after you leave the hospital if there is an inpatient stay. However, for most procedures we see you for the postoperative visit, and it may make sense to stick around town until this first visit occurs. For a facelift this is as soon as 2-3 days postoperative, for tummy tuck or breast procedures usually 1 week, and for jaw and rhinoplasty procedures usually 1 week to 10 days.

Travel plans will depend on your mode of transportation, how far the needed travel, and what procedure you had done. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Jaw Surgery – Usually overnight in hospital (average 1-2 nights), then follow-up at 7-9 days post-op. We then see you again at 5-6 weeks from surgery.

Rhinoplasty – Outpatient procedure. You can leave town potentially the same or next day, but you may want to stick close by until the 1st post-operative visit (to remove the splint 8-10 days later).

Facelift – Outpatient procedure. Go to nearby hotel the same day and come in two 2 days later to remove the dressing and possible drain. Depending on where you are coming from it may be fine to travel after this – but will want to see you back 8 days post-op to remove sutures. Next visit is 6 weeks post-surgery.

Eyelid Surgery – Outpatient procedure. You can travel the same or next day after surgery. We usually see you back 7-8 days after surgery for suture removal and check-up.

Tummy tuck – Outpatient procedure. You may want to stick intown until the first postoperative visit (7-8 days later). Sutures are all dissolvable for this procedure, however you will have at least one drain, this may be removed at soonest 1 week (buy may be later). Depending on your risk stratification, long-plane rides may be ill-advised, or carried out with caution, and appropriate prophylaxis.

Liposuction and Fat grafting – Usually outpatient procedure (depends on if done in conjunction with other procedures). You can usually travel the same or next day. A garment may be needed and ordered in advance. Similar considerations to tummy tuck for long plane rides for liposuction patients (not small amounts of fat grafting cases).

Breast procedures – Outpatient procedure. You can travel the same or next day after surgery. We typically like to see you back 7-10 days after surgery for check-up. The sutures are dissolvable for these procedures.